Introducing Flash DB 16

With the new Flash DB 16 dental software, your practice will be streamlined like never before! From messaging to scheduling to reporting, the latest version of our software makes practice management super easy! Now your dental practice can have all the tools and insights you need to get paid faster the first time you ask without the usual hassles.

In version 16 of the FLASH DB software, you can now install it on your smart phoen and receive text messages every time a new patient requests and appointment. And with this years updates, you can now receive practice updates via our smartphone app that alerts you every time a new patient is added to your practice. This allows you to see in real time how well your dental practice is doing and growing! No other software on the market can do what we do here at Flash DB Dental Software Inc.

But we don’t just stop there, we also have gone to the cloud and made our software available ANYWHERE you want it! Now, you can be in Chicago or New York and all you need to do is login to your account and you’ll see how your dental practice is doing in real time.

Flash DB streamlines the way your practice works like never before! From back-end billing to your front office, we’re making it easier on you and enabling you to focus on what you do best, being your area’s best dentist! Not only is our software easy to use (any office manager can handle it), but it’s already being used by over 6,000 dentists and dental marketing agencies from California to Chicago to New York.

Now you can setup your dental practice for maximum efficiency with our fully customizable scheduling tools, rules and productivity trackers, all viewable in real-time from your phone or any device with an internet connection!


The Flash DB Dental Software can be easily installed on any laptop

Dentists of both large and small practices will also find the graphs and metrics graphically pleasing as well as instantly easy to understand. Know you can see in real-time who much your dental practice is growing, enabling you to take immediate action on any issues that arise.